settled in

Hey peeps,

So a little life update or more specifically geological location update, I’ve moved. Not that far from where I was living before – actually just about 10 minutes away. And I’d love to say was moved out and settled in in one day, but no. Ahah moved out in one day yes but not settled in. Not even close. I have an abundance of boxes to still go through and then put in storage.

And I have to find/ make some form of restraint for dutchess, presently she’s on a rope that I tie through my car hub and well basically that’s it. I mean its not terrible it is basically what she had at my old place except every time I leave I have to untie her and put her back in her cage. Speaking of cage, she’s gonna be in it a lot cause for some retarded unknown reason she decided to pee on the carpet today. So $uch for her being house broken, but I’m sure it is just because she’s all jittery from a new atmosphere. But anywho she better not do it again.

The last thing I want to mention is how dead my body is, like ouch! Stairs will be the death of me and for some reason just one arm is so sore. Its the hand that got crushed I wonder if their is and cause and effect correlation? Dunno. I haven’t hand the chance to use my treadmill yet but honestly with how sore I am I think I’ll pass.

Anyways guys,

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