Carla’s Questions

So Carla asked her readers to answer a bunch of questions and i decided to write a blog as an answer!

Where are you from? Is there something interesting/unique about where you live?

Lower Quebec: Athelstan. I guess every time it rains too much I’m stranded in my town, and I have cows next door to me. Not something you’d see in the city.
Something about your family? Lots of kids, or single & lovin’ it?

My family is in the form of a cute little Siberian Husky Named Dutchess for any new readers, as Carla already knows. And as for relationship status (if I ever used it on Facebook – which i don’t- it would state ” it’s complicated”  No need for details right ?
What you “do”? A homemaker like myself, or workin’ 9-5… lol!

I work a 7-7 or sometimes a 7- until tomorrow. I oftenly (too often) work 20 hour shifts (example is starting at 7pm and finishing at 3pm the next day). I have a hardworking mindset and a great work ethic. I’m not scared to pick up garbage or peel potatoes all day (so far those are my two summer jobs). I typically work AT LEAST 50 hours a week.  For example the last 2 weeks I did 64 and 72 hours. Just because I could. I like to work, I like to see money flowing. It allows me to have this sense of security. And I’m going to be buying a house in a couple of weeks. I will do any job, whether it is offered to me or I went and found it. I actually only turn down jobs due to my main job, because I simply lack time for non permanent jobs.
Why do you read my blog? Because we have something in common or you hope to see me ‘crash & burn’? 😉

I love your blog, it comes off to me as a very strong woman / motherly figure and I find it interesting and interesting to see you flourish. With recent unfortunate events I’m feeling sorry for you Carla! I love your creations and mind set and goal oriented ways, I do believe so I found your blog through twitter (Vanessa to be exact kinda linked us in a tweet or something)
What do you like to do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies?

I scrap book, read, blog, take pictures, work out, and volunteer all on my free time with tones of daily dose of love for my puppy.
Are there particular posts of mine that you like seeing more than others?

I love budget posts and goals posts but even more than that ? CHALLENGES.

Anything else you may like to share with me!!

Stay awesome!

Favorite colors:

Purple, animal print, pink and black!


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