Dads Day.


Something I don’t typically celebrate, more or less because I’m more of a mommies girl is fathers day, and more specifically holidays they’re so commercialized and all about money. But I’ve come to appreciate both of my parents (and by appreciate I mean I listen to their advice nod and say yes and then throw it in the back of my mind and forget about it, just like any other young person does).

So yea this year I got my mom and dad both gifts i guess you can say, not those lavish “jewelry, or BBQ” for mom and dads gift, but the ones that you would only realize by observations and listening to your parents complain, is that where I get my complain-y-ness from ?

So yea for my dad who does ridiculous travelling and stuff I got him a cell phone and while doing that I tweeted some of my observations, let me just point out how fucking hilarious they are …

“Bell person “Choose a number” me “the simplest one to remember” lol getting my dad a cell phone for #fathersday

“Getting my dad a flip phone cause he is old school like that.” (or just old, haha)

I thought I tweeted more than that … hmm. Well anyways if y’all wanna fallow me on twitter I’m @amberevesimpson (I know how original?)

So yea I got my dad a Samsung flip phone, that costed like 100 dough. Mhmm.

Anyways I’ve got a multitude of things to do such as: workout, shower, give my dad his gift, sleep, wake up, tan, maybe do dishes, then work.

Yee, how exciting. 


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