How Mornings Go…

How do you know you’re going to be late ? Do you do anything to prevent it ? Have you just given up – I have, I’m at the point that I’m officially late for life. I’m terrible and am notorious for being late for anything, everyone knows this.
There is this 5 step thing that I go through every morning, if I skip a step I’m usually on time  but usually, more often than not I’m never on time.
Step #1 : My love/hate relationship with the snooze button. I always press snooze at least twice, that is a minimum of 20 minutes. Then there is me lingering in bed before getting up *Hates life as she leaves the bed.* But if I don’t end up pressing snooze, if I actually get up on the first ring I’m on time.
Step #2 : Making coffee and enjoying it, as in sitting there  it and sipping it very  very slowly. As if I’m a zombie and have a coffee addiction  *Groans*. For the record I think everyone is a zombie in the morning I haven’t met someone who gets out of bed i n the morning all “Bright eyed and bushy-tailed” as one of my coworkers would say.
Step #3 : Social media updates & check ins. AKA waste about 15 minutes reading other peoples blogs and texting and then going as far back on Twitter as I can 🙂 This is relatively a fast social media time usually if my internet working I take about 30 minutes to do all of this.
Step #4 : Falling asleep in the shower / taking a shower. Even though I’ve had like 3 cups of coffee by this point in time I’m still tired. Sometimes I fall asleep standing up as you can presume it involves me standing and then slowly falling to my death. Jokes, I don’t die. Finally I uhm do shower like things …
Step #5 : Exit the shower and proceed to analyze my face and make a strenuous decision as to what I’m going to lather up on it. (Make-up wise). Within this time frame I moisturizer, get dress and do my hair. This is also the most time-consuming stage because I can never make a choice, I can never find anything I want to wear and putting in my contacts takes five minutes on its own.
And this is about it, after this I proceed towards my car and usually leave.  (During which to get from my house to my car takes about 10 minutes for such reasons as my dog, forgetfulness, lost of keys, lost of sanity)
Peace guys,
Please leave commentary in such ways of how are your mornings like ? How do you deal ?

One thought on “How Mornings Go…

  1. Amber, I’ll have you know, I get out of bed “bright eyed and bushy tailed” every single morning! 😉

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