No Show.

Hey guys,

Sorry lately I’ve been a no show. Our internet has been not working lately. 

I want to blog, I just have no connection and of course for my blackberry there is no blogging app. 

Sad truth.

But a quick update

1) Went four wheeling this past weekend = awesome 🙂

2) I have awesome hair – black as usual with a magenta/purple strip-stripe-chunk ? On the right side of my head I got the idea from Liz at ….

3) I’ve been jogging out side lately.

4) I got tones of cleaning done and homework done over the weekend. Dutchess smells pretty good for a puppy. 

5) Today was so warm out that I got my first tan in 🙂

Anyways, I don’t have long I have to run along and go home and work on some more homework.  I hope I’ll be able to post later this week. 

Peace 🙂

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