I Be Like Ouch.

Feeling the effects of paintball on Monday is pretty sad, sad and painful.

It’s represented in the shades of blue and purple all over my legs, arms and even a bruise on the top of my head.

Saturday was the second time I ever played paint ball and it was really fun – way funner than the first time. I was friends with the other players and it was just overall a fantastic time. It was close by too, the first time I went to paint ball I went to big foot which is 2 hours away. This Saturday I went to Arnold’s paintball in Havelock about 35 mins away (Going Jessie’s speed lol). The price overall was cheaper, about 33$ per person if you have a group of 15 or more, and the gas to drive there is a hell of a lot cheaper than a 2 hour drive.

So I have about 7 bruises, I think the most painfulness was the one got in the back of my arm (MY ********* that HURT). The messiest paintball to clean up is the one that exploded on my head, that also hurt but I think it was more of a pain in the butt than anything. 1) Pain balls are messy 2) I’m a girl with tones of hair 3) It was a disaster and really hard to get out.

And I have now decided that I love paintball – regardless of how I can’t even walk up stairs  two days later. And would like to do it at least once per month (wishful thinking eh ?) Though that will get expensive. So At least once again this summer.

You might be thinking why do I like something that is incredibly painful? Because it is some serious fun, a hard-core workout and a great adrenaline rush. Also I think it is the only safe time you can actually shoot your boyfriend without going to jail 😛 or someone holding a grudge against you.

Disclaimer: I do not in any way or sort want to ever shoot someone with a real gun ever (unless they’re a zombie), paintball is just a realistic game based on simulated warfare with fun in mind .

Have you ever played paintball ? if yes  whats your opinion about it ?

If no, what are you waiting for ??

Peace 🙂

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