What I Did With My Taxes

Ah, finally how I distributed it all out.

It being my income tax return.

First off I put 1000 in a TFSA account. Wooo – savings 🙂

Then I paid off roughly 500 on my small credit card (I think 480 to be exact) leaving it at a balance of 0$

then I paid off  500$ on my bigger credit card, leaving it at a blanace of just under 1000$

And finally I paid off my car insurance 535.76$ went to that bad boy.

And that’s about it.

I still have some cash left over but that is for fun  dyas (like the 5km color run that I bought tickets for :))and any bigger bills like my braces 🙂

Peace  🙂



5 thoughts on “What I Did With My Taxes

  1. Hey congrats! Saving money and paying bills are always a good thing 🙂 i too am trying to save some money. Max and I want to buy a house on his next posting.

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