I feel like getting braces was the best choices of my life. 


I still have them it’s been about 4 months and honestly my teeth in just 4 months have changed so much and it’s the best. 

I have no complaints – except whenever I get them tighten it hurts. That’s about it. And how incredibly hard it is to get a profile picture without them showing. 

The results are amazing, a smile, something everyone sees no matter what. 

I can’t wait until all of the work is done, so I can finally smile 🙂

I know that I’m kinda old to get them but I bought them myself and worked my ass off like no other for them, and I know that my parents think that it was the most stupid choice I ever made. But I really don’t care. For me my teeth are essential, essential for my job in the future,my image and my confidence. 

By the time I’m done I would have paid 20,000$ for them( including implants I  need a couple 😦 ) unless I get a job that includes dental. 

But regardless of the price, I still think it was the best decision I ever made. EVER.

Did you ever have braces ? If so, did you buy them yourself ?


3 thoughts on “Braces

  1. Congrats! I had them in high school and although I hated them then, I’m so grateful now. My worked night and day to pay for them, but says it was one of her best investments. Being confident about a smile is the most amazing feeing. It’s amazing how many areas of your life it affects. I would absolutely invest in braces as an adult if I had to.

    The tightening phase is the worst!! The pain only lasts a few days though. Wax was my best friend when they scratch against the inside of my cheek.

    Good luck!

  2. I have never had to have them myself, thanks to good genes. My oldest daughter got hers just after her 13th birthday, and has officially had them on for THREE years….she had a lot of work to correct and still not finished. she is getting very tired of it. I think I had to pay $5000 for my cost, and the other was covered by insurance. The cost was a flat fee, no matter how long she has them on, thank fully.

  3. My mum doesn’t like my braces but they are soooo worth it!!! I have had mine for about 16 months, they have have made such a difference to my teeth. I still had baby teeth, they didn’t look too bad but I can’t wait to have my ‘perfect’ smile xx

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