Sunday Night Chit Chat.

If y’all follow me on Facebook you would have seen it, and I shared it twitter too, but for my blog community – you guys I left out, until NOW.

“I can’t even contain my excitement/anxiousness/hyperventilating-ness/crying-ness/Everything-ness for tonight Episode of THE WALKING DEAD. It’s so soon, like I can taste it type of soon. I wonder how a TV show would taste … Probably not good. But since this ain’t any regular TV show I bet it would taste good. This post got a little weird, just a little. Now run along children and watch THE WALKING DEAD so we can talk about it ♥”

Logic right ? Lemme know.

Reading: I’m reading the book version of True Blood and CAN’T wait to start Safe Heaven by Nicholas Sparks. 

Watching: The *Sniff* final episode of season 3 of THE WALKING DEAD. Fantastic, was spectacular!It’s over now. 

Listening to: Terrible crying via myself. Sad truth, I’m so emotional when it comes to TV shows were I get attached to the characters. 

Baking/Cooking: I’m not making anything now but a bowl of ice cream. 

Happy you accomplished this week: I’ve done a tone of homework. And have cleaned … a lot. Haven’t been hooked on True Blood that much, it was a problem about 2 weeks ago. I was hooked,now I can manage my time better. I also realized that setting to many goals is like setting up for failure as you can see in my March Challenge 

Looking forward to next week: My big supper tomorrow,  I have 4 lovely ladies coming over and it’s my first ever dinner party. Super happy!! 🙂

Thankful for today: I’m thankful for knowledge, because it allows me to understand things, things that some people don’t have. Therefore allowing me to teach, and help others learn. Honest moment. 

Bonus Question: Do you wear slippers around the house? No, I would but I don’t have any 😦


10 thoughts on “Sunday Night Chit Chat.

  1. I have never watched the Walking Dead but I know that feeling of being attached to characters and not wanting a show to end. Enjoy it while you can. Are you majoring in Education? Good luck with your education. Your first dinner party sounds exciting! I am interested to hear your menu. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Have a great week!

  2. That was totally not the Andrea/Milton escape I thought they were going to do! And Michonne, at her side right to the end, even after she was such a crap friend to her… Have you read the graphic novels? I hear that the characters are way different.

    • I have not read the novels, BUT am going to during the break. I know I so expected Andrea to live, apparently she is a huge part in the books. I knew the governor was going to live just because it’s to early to kill him off. AND he went completely nuts and killed everyone I was super shocked! When I get my income tax back I’m probably buying books 1-3 of the graphic novels 🙂 follow my blog, awesome, I’ve been looking for someone who does Sunday night chit chat and likes the walking dead ! :]

      • Right, because FB is full of people who don’t want spoilers and we needs to talk about it! The Governor losing it like that was a shocker. I figured he’d shot one person then make them regroup and head back. As it is he’s out in the wilderness with his two craziest guys on the worlds strangest road trip. And what about Carl and Rick? I can’t wait to see how that plays out.

      • I bet the governor is going to make his way back and try to take down the prison again. I think I’m scared for Carl he’s becoming very cold hearted, I feel like if rick doesn’t discipline him he’s going to end up like the governor – or crazy like Shane was. I feel like a lot of this has to do with shane’s influences in the beginning of the first season and the second. Poor kid, he has so much potential in being a great man when he;s older but his world is ruined. Do you watch the after show ? The talking dead ? Also pleaseeee tell me your fav character is Daryl ? I wrote a blog about Lori (I really disliked her, you can see it if yo search the walking dead on the side bar :))

      • Yes, I watch The Talking Dead whenever possible. The Boy has a sleep allergy 🙂 so sometimes I have to watch the encore at 11 and I just can’t stay up for TTD’s encore at 2. But I tries!

        The Governor is def not done with Rick or Michonne. He is lacking manpower now, though. He is still crazy train, though!

        Daryl is hands down my fav. Norman Reedus is a hottie and the Daryl character is the only one with a believable arc. I loved Yvette Nicole Brown arguing motivation with him last week. Also, TTD should be co-hosted by YNB and Chris Hardwick…

        I detested Lori. Watch your kid! Sarah Wayne Collis did a great job with the character (making her hated), but good gravy I did not like her.

        Andrea started as a fav, but after she dtched Michonne for the Governor I soured on her. She got really irritating after that. By which I mean stupid.

  3. I loved the sookie stackhouse novels, (all 13) i just finished reading the last one, theres one more left that comes out im may. i love trueblood, but the books are better you should read all of them

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