Product Reviews

Yes Product Reviews with an ‘s’. 
See the thing is Lately I have gone product crazy and spent quit a bit of $. Some of the things were WORTH ever last PENNY (R.I.P., 2013)
So For all my Girlies out there reading my blogs I want to share with you my favorites and my not so much favorite, I.E. Wast of time and money.  Oh also I specified girls but some of the products are unisex of course, so I’m sure some can/ will cater to you guys 😉
Basically I’m just going to post a photo of everything that I just purchased and within a week I’ll have an update product review post with  my personal review of each.


P.S. If y’all are reading this, go to your Tv’s about 5 minutes till 9pm click on to AMC and watch  THE WALKING DEAD. 
It’s the best show in existence to man kind.

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