In terms of self growth. 
This past week I learnt a lot about my self. 
At the discretion of my awesome friends, these are some of the hilarious things that were said or sent to me; about me !
Please have a good laugh!
I tend to look like a preymantist when ever I space out and gaze at the sky.
that bitch
that bitch
I also tend to be really hyper 24/7.
I also am like  my dog ? She’s a husky.
more bitches
I also am viewed as an Northern Ontario driver, But I’m from southern Quebec and DRIVE way better. 😉
P.S. The hold my coffee, yea that has actually happen and I have proof. Ask my professor and my awesome friends.( the same friend that sent me the thing below!)
P.S.S. I’m the 5%, encase you didn’t catch it.
I also can’t count sheep. A.D.D.
*Everyone at work knows how much I like to sing ol McDonald.
These are just some of the things that got me laughing so much last week and just looking back at it, even though some of them are completely true and the other one (preymantist ? Do I look like I’m green and eat my boyfrined, no!) They were day saviors. They kept me laughing and honestly sometimes you just need a good belly laugh to keep on walking.
For more funny stuff you can either stalk my facebook OR view my tumblr
Laughing is the best medicine,

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