Sunday night chit-chat.

Favorite photo: Of my puppy sleepily lazying around on our new wood floor. I love this floor, my house looks so much more better! I’m soooooo happy and grateful!










Watching: The one and the only Walking Dead. Fantastic episode! seriously. Was one of the best, had so many meanings. 

Listening to: Lately if the laptops on then I have either Ed sheeran playing or Imagine Dragons. 

Baking/Cooking: Made Veggie dogs while at my in laws they were all having Pevains (Really cheap fast food restaurant in  Huntingdon.) I love veggie dogs! they’re so much more better than Hot dogs!

Veggie Dogs









Happy you accomplished this week: I finally finish my scarf for my friend even though it was a couple of days late, and I have started my secret sister hand-made gift! 🙂 I also got done what I consider to be the best essay ever, in criminology. My goal is to get high 90% in this class. 










Looking forward to next week: March Break! Which means work and more work and no homework stress. Well I have homework but I will be leaving it to the last-minute. I want to also get a head start on my March Challenge by working out every day, donating blood tomorrow, and volunteering Saturday. And possibly a few other things I’m trying to plan, small get together party, a girls dinner at my place and possibly the movies with my and my boyfriends friends (We’re trying to get them to date ;p)

Thankful for this past week: My boyfriend and his friend fix my floor! it looks fantastic! Before I had 3 different tiled areas, plywood showing and even a burnt spot from the last person who lived here. AND now it’s all wood and pretty and I’m so grateful that they worked 2 whole day sand surpassed my expectations! (They’ were only supposed to do the living room but also did the kitchen !) I’m sooo happy.

BONUS QUESTION: Have you ever left the house in your pj’s? The most I will leave my house in is sweat pants and that is usually because I’m working out. I’m opinionated in terms of people wearing pj’s in public, I personally wouldn’t ever. (Because that would mean wear short shorts in March!) lol.


2 thoughts on “Sunday night chit-chat.

  1. Your dog is absolutely gorgeous!! What’s her name? Sounds like you’re doing awesome in your classes, Amber!! You’re as smart as a whip girl! Good luck!! 🙂

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