This post isn’t about me, it’s about a friend ;sadly one of her relatives had passed away and it is also about my uncle whom has slightly recovered. I have never met her uncle, but their was a strong connection between them. I wish I had got to meet him, I’m most likely going to go to the ceremony to show respect. Overall it is a pretty sad event.
It was a coincidence though, as her uncle was coming to his last few days, mine was extremely sick and might have died within a week if he hadn’t gotten better. But greatfully my uncle got better and now presently is at home, in bed. But her uncle sadly pass away, though he is not suffering anymore and has gone to a peaceful place, his family is in pain.
The main objective of this post was to show respect, but also bring forth how grateful I am of my uncle’s health returning but how sad I am for my friend whom lost her’s.
May he rest in peace.

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