Le French Quebec.

I saw a post and this was my comment on it. Let me know what you guys think, agree, disagree ?

Was having a conversation about this earlier, I think all of the English population that’s in Quebec and has an issue with any of the laws or actions of french Quebec should have a peaceful protest to show we don’t appreciate it. I mean come on haven’t we learned from our mistakes (Hitler, blacks & whites. etc) ? aren’t we above all of the degrading and exclusion ? It’s bad enough we can’t get a job and we get criticized often enough. I dunno we need change and to work together. Thus being, not posting useless picture on the internet that make fun of Pauline. We get it you all dislike Pauline Marois let’s do something about it instead of hiding behind our computers !!

I think the majority of us who are bothered by this should stand up not sit down behind a computer. I just offering up a possible solutions and since protesting seems to be a current trend with the world now  a days, why not ?

Disclaimer: I’m not going to organised a protest because  I’m not that kind of person but I want to offer up a solution for all of the people who are annoyed, upset, and offended by french Quebecs actions.

And remember everyone, Peace!

P.S. This is aimed at no one in particular I just notice that 90% of my Facebook news feed is about her so I decided to be different and not upload a ridiculous picture. Don’t get offended, it’s just my prefrence.


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