Monday Madness

On a serious note this blog is going to be a series of questions. Feel free to answer them if you feel like you can. I would add textual back ground to this post but honestly I don’t feel like it.
When do you give up trying to help someone?
Do you keep trying?
Does it make a difference if they are close to your heart?
What can you do when all do is try and they refuse to accept your assistance.
Would you walk away?
Do you go back and try again?
I dunno the purpose of this post but from what you probably have grasp is that this post is about someone important to me and they absolutely refuse help but always ask for it. From my knowledge they are in denial and refuse to neither help themselves nor accept help. It’s pretty tragic, but I guess that’s life.
I guess I’ll keep trying, tis all you can do.
Now I’ll resume some black ops.

One thought on “Monday Madness

  1. It’s really hard to answer any of those questions Amber. I’m in a similar situation with a friend of mine right now and it’s really hard to walk away from all that history that you share with a person

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