Local Pocal mocal.

Gibberish and stuff. 
So the last two weeks I have been in the local news paper, known as the Gleaner. The first time was promoting a non profitable organization that I’m a part of  and the other time was simply a picture I had taken of the HORRIBLE flooding.  I’m actually quite happy with this, it was the perfect balance of hey look at what I did and then hey look at what I am doing for something/someone else.  
Anyways for those of you whom are curious as to what the non-profit organization is, it’s Cardio-Actif  which has been supplying a place to get active for the last 11 year (I do believe so). Presently they are having less and less people sign up which is becoming a general concern for the population of Huntingdon and the surrounding areas.  So Basically my job is to bring up ideas and whatnot to improve the gym and bring in more of the population and lend a helping hand when needed. Which overall I absolutely love doing, I just love brainstorming and helping, I’m weird. shut up. lol. 
 As for the picture it was simply the same one from the water post that I wrote a little while back about how I kinda sorta got stuck. Yes usually people would see a flood and would not proceed forward, well I’m not like most people. Ahm, so therefore I felt like sure “I can do this”. Then my car died and eventually it started again and I got out. But after all the panic and anger settled I decided to go take a picture and then things just went form there.
This is also all due to the fact that i know one of the writers.

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