I got 99 problems but school ain’t one.

I’d like to firstly gush about how I passed Macro-economics ! and then about the two 90’s I got in other courses and two 80’s and one 70. Yea, though I wish I had gotten three 90 percents (and I almost did) I was stuck with 2 and this slightly bothers me, just a little. I tend to be an over achiever and a sore loser. 

And in just a few days I will be starting my fourth semester which I actually have all of the teachers like, I’m quite excited to start school again. I much rather learn than work. Which I am calling attention to a comment that was left by my friend Kelly, whom wrote that I am a learner and always seek knowledge. I’d like to thank her for those observations because I had never know this before, I do always ask questions and I always want to do  something new or learn about stuff.  But I never noticed this about myself.

Anyways on that note I’m going to go home and work on my cleaning and whatnot. One think I dislike is knowing how to do is house cleaning. I would greatly like to not know therefore I wouldn’t have to do it either. Haha.

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