Current Situation

Call of duty black ops 2 is the second game I’m currently into (The first being Resident Evil 6). As you can see by my twitter.  A few minutes ago (it is 1 am and I am at my boyfriends parents house) I did a human interpretation of a Bouncing Betty. Yess. It was completely awesome. I’m very hyper. I think I woke up his parents. Shit. Well back to playing more games.

Peanut butter Jelly time 🙂

I’m hyper. Very hyper. It’s a sad sad thing to witness.

Paint ball


Honestly I wished I was better at paintball like I am in the game maybe I would have gotten someone with a paint ball. But this was from the fall and was the first experience I had with acting quick and shooting just as quick.  It as fun I would do it again though it did also hurt. A lot. Games are much less hands on and a lot less serious.



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