Grumpy cat “Your life is sucks? GOOD.”

  If you don’t know what or who the grumpy cat is shame, shame on you.

Everyone keeps saying it’ll get better soon, and all I can think of is picture #2 below. No. It wont and if it does it doesn’t make up for everything that has happened. My dog ate my retainer, I ruined my hand, all I’m thinking is: What’s next?

The first photo represents my current situation. I hate mornings and having to wake up. And since I can’t do much I can’t wait to go back to bed.

I find that currently he represents me.

Grumpy cat


so an update on my little hand situation (for those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about visit here: ) I went to school yesterday and everything was fine and ok, I had emailed my teachers about it so they knew. And yes of course one teacher made a thing about it but it’s all good, just a little embarrassing. And as suspected I am a VERY SLOW  at typing, and I did not even try hand writing. actually I did for a friend I showed her how slow I write my name. Not fun.

Besides this, I will in fact call myself stupid because I keep unwrapping my hand , I know I’m not supposed to but it hurts and is so swollen and the only time I get relief is when It’s unwrapped with ice on it. I also keep by accident trying to use it and end up causing pain. I’m also a huge klutz, I’ve always been klutz but now with only one had available I tend to make more mess’s such as breaking glasses trying to make a coffee, hanging up a towel and knocking everything on my counter down, drop a pot and a  knife both almost on my toe and  you know just trip, fall, drop, walk into and everything else a klutz would do.

On the funnier side of things my boyfriend compare me to a squirrel who got hit by a car and is trying to help it’s self- I know twisted humour this morning. Context: I had 1/2 of my shirt on and was stuck and he had to help me continue to get ready. Ultimate fail, or even better fail whale. I’ll just shut up now.

I feel like I wouldn’t be able to get through this without a few things and they are (in no particular order…) My boyfriend, friends, comedy (or laughing at myself) of course my puppy and anyone who’s super supportive 🙂 (oh yess the mushiness of these comments)

As is everything’s hard to do and frustrating and if I can’t joke about it then there is absolutely no point. Lets hope nothing else happens till after the new year 🙂

(knocks on wood – I have such bad luck.)

3 thoughts on “Grumpy cat “Your life is sucks? GOOD.”

  1. Oh dear, girl, you know I love me some grumpy cat! You are doing an amazing job at typing w/one hand, btw. I have to admit, I kinda resemble grumpy cat in the morning, too. Keep laughing, though. It does make things better. And plus, these past few days will make for great stories for the grandchildren one day…. 🙂

    • Dear Grandchildren: Don’t break your fingers cause life sucks, and then you will get oesteoprosis when your old like me and will have a horible hand writing.
      I had my cast removed today so now I can use my left hand + my one index finger on my right hand. so it goes a bit faster, but I have to be carefull my WHOLE hand is sensitive and weak. I can’t even hold a coffee cup or open a door.
      I swear laughing is the only way right now ….

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