Getting everything done finaly.

So in my last Humanities class a few things were brought up, like going to the store 6 days a week instead of getting everything at once or stocking up.  Then that reminded me that I wanted to write a blog about what I had done a few weeks before school to prepare for school.

I was refused for a loan this year so I had to think ahead of time for saving money for such things as my mandatory brace payments each month, text books, intuition, hydro and my cell. I am planning to work at least 20 hours a week to allow for other things I’ll need like: food, clothes, and new unnecessary things.

So this summer I did manage to get enough money saved to pay all the important things, but also with the extra money  I went shopping and stock up on A LOT of things, mostly beauty and canned foods.  I also bought a lot of clothes of course!

Something’s that I thought were important to stock up on are:

–  Shampoo and body wash, I use Aveeno, which went on sale this summer for 6.99 a bottle instead of 10$ so I bought about 4 bottles each. Saving 30$.

– A ton of make-up: Mascara, foundation, bronzers, lip gloss, eyeliner and shadow. I probably saved about another 30$ I bought about 2 of everything when it went on sale.

–  Shoes, I bought usually 2 get 1 ½ off and this goes for clothes as well: pants shirts bras etc..

–  Canned food like soup and veggies. About 10 of each.


So those are some of the things that I’ve purchased, as for actual school related material all I needed to buy was lose leaf. I find that so far I have to worry a lot less about picking things up or when I’m going to run out of my favorite mascara, it’s a lot less stressful.

Another thing I’m trying to do is be eco friendly, I have thought about it in the pass but have never started acting eco-friendly. Some of the things that I have recently, and by recently I mean started at the end of august done are: Biking to and from school or work at least 2 times a week, there are about 3 benefits to dong this 1) A Nice workout every so often  2) I don’t have to pay for gas 3) Since I’m not driving I’m not emitting Co2 emissions = Eco-friendly.  And the other 5 days a week I either car-pool or drive. I’m also recycling; not just the typical metals, plastic, glass but also I recycle my old clothes (sell to friends, give to secondhand stores).

If you’re considering going green and eco-friendly, you don’t have to start full blown. Slowing  start by doing small smart changes at your own pace. Every little change counts!


What are your Eco-Friendly Tips?

How did you prepare for school?

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