Counting Your Eggs Before They Hatch

You know the expression counting your chickens before they hatch? Well counted my hours before I knew them or more specifically knew I’d be sent me because something wrong with the electrical stuff, what specifically? I’m not sure, that’s the electro’s jobs to find out.

Some people might have been happy to go home, but I’m not. Because I’d thought I would be getting an X amount of hours this week and now I’m getting 3 less and with 2 more weeks of full time work to go I need every hour I can get.

And what sucks even more is that I’ve been refused for my school loan, so now I either need a new second job or somehow convince Job one to let me work weird hours that do comply with their usual 12hr shifts. It’d more or less be 7pm to 3am – sleep for a few hrs- go to school. The end.

But what I do like about be sent home early is getting chores done! Earlier. Theres is something about having previously convinced yourself you have to work and then not, so then I like to try to compensate for the missed work with house work.

So I guess losing 3hrs of work benefits me, in such a way that I get more house work done and get to bed a bit earlier. So now that I’m getting up at 12 I can go work out at my school, maybe write another blog and get stuff done.

But I guess it doesn’t bother me that much, I’ll just have to find another day to work or work overtime. But then again if you ask alot of poeple, working 50 or more hours a week is a bit much. But I do have to save for school now don’t I?

How do you feel when you get sent home early from work?

Do you like to work alot?

How did you get your employer to switch around your hours so they comply with your shedual?

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