Days be coming and going.

So today I’m going to talk about my puppy. Dutchess is such a doll, but she has that lil’ evil side to her. You know the side that goes and chews up your homework. For any parents reading this, you probably think that’s just an excuse for my teacher but really NO!… She ate it, well more or less shredded it until there was nothing left.

Sir the dog ate my homework. Sirs response “that’s your own fault do it again”

Bahha. That’s college for you. They don’t care if you don’t do a single thing.

So after this do I punisher her, ah, not exactly it depends on what she does and if it is my fault. Why? It depends on the situation, but for eating paper that I left lying around, no.  I don’t believe in the whole shove a dogs face into doo-doo, but I do reinforce rules. Would you do that to a kid? Your own baby? NO! My dog is my meteaphorical child, of course I’m master and she knows that because I show her by reinforcing rules, but I will not physically hurt her. Or get a zappy neck thing, or tie her outside JUST because she is a HUSKY and apparently “that is what you are supposed to do.” Alot of people tell me to just shove it out side but come on a 2 month old puppy in minus 15, I don’t know about you but she is a little to young for that.

She is just turning 3 months old and is learning a great deal of things. Like what a SQURRIL is … Lets not go there.  She is also making little doggie friends and learning to go to the bathroom outside.  And her house companion is a rabbit named Sur Prince Fuzziie Face, they like to snuggle.

I plan on having her for her full life times worth and could never see myself ever getting rid of her for stupid reasons like “she is to hyper” or “she bites” or “she jumps” as some people I know do. I think those people by the way should not have KIDS if they can’t take care of a dog, or even themselves in some situations. Those people need to take basic life skills classes. And once they can take care of a dog and get a job then they should go on too more developed tasks, such as having kids. I’m not generalizing by the way, I mean if you abuse a dog and can’t stand a hyper dog, then rethink children; they are hyper and you should always have a stable job and saving before bring a wonderful bundle of joy into this world, These are just my personal ethics and beliefs. It really bothers me to see children who were ill brought up, you can really tell that they are. How they act what they do reflects the way they were brought up.

So to end on a good note, my puppy is keeping my feet warm under the computer desk sleeping and at the moment she is so so so cute ❤ and all those other names.


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